Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hip Hop Doo-Bop

I have mentioned in previous posts my love and respect for Jazz.  I have also talked about the ways Jazz has been blended with Hip Hop.  Miles Davis is a Jazz legend.  Miles Davis has never strayed away from looking at different ways to redefine his music.  He has experimented with Caribbean, Spanish and even funk flavor in many of his works.

In the early 90's Miles called Russel Simmons for advice about a good producer for a new project. Miles Davis stated working with Easy Mo Bee to produce a blend of Hip Hop and Jazz.  The CD was called Doo-Bop and the minute I heard it I was hooked.

All tracks are great starting with Mystery and ending with Mystery (reprise).  What I enjoyed about the CD is that the great Jazz sound from Miles was updated with some great Hip Hop sounds to really start the Acid Jazz movement.  Jazz ,although I have always enjoyed it, sometimes can get very dense. My time at Interlochen Arts Academy really enhanced my respect for the art and also showed me it is a music form mainly appreciated by the musicians themselves.  I swear I actually heard one of the students explain that he dug the notes that Charlie Parker chose not to play.  So injecting some Hip Hop beats brought it up to date without watering down the music.

We will never know what the full CD would have sounded like Miles passed during the production. Only 6 tracks were completed and Easy Mo Bee pieced together the last three. For a last recording it is a testament to a great artist that took risks to make sure his art form continued to evolve.  For anyone wanting hear the start and best of the Acid Jazz genre it is a must.

Once again listen to the best your ears deserve it.  

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