Sunday, November 15, 2015

Redefining Roles In This Moment

My wife recently noticed that my blogs start with "In High School" quite often.  So I am doing this blog talking about a new band, yes from this century, but the obstacles they face have been around for awhile.

This blog will will have me talking about Octane Channel on Sirius/XM.  Hard Rock and Metal have for many years been a tough place for women.  In the art form Women have either been objects of Lust, Distain, or on very rare occasion adoration.  The great thing about this generation is the evolution on the sound.  Young woman have really started to come into their own as artists.  I have already talked about Halestorm a great Hard Rock band fronted by a female rocker. The newest band that has caught my attention is In This Moment.

I am not reviewing a CD but the band.  What I find really interesting about In This Moment is that they are carrying on the Shock Rock started by Alice Cooper.  Now I don't like all of their music. Some of it is just too edgy and rough, but I do respect what they are doing.  As I said earlier, women have not had an easy time in music in general but Hard Rock and Metal has been really tough to break into.  In This Moment has found their share of unfair criticism.  The lead singer Maria Brink is an attractive blond young woman, who sings about sex and edgy subjects.  The criticism is that a woman can not willfully want to discuss such subjects, there must be a man behind her forcing her to sing about such things so all us guys get aroused.  What utter Cave Man crap!  Maria Brink and the band are facing what Madonna did last century with  Pop and Dance  The band even released a song to answer their critics Sex Metal Barbie.  Now the song isn't my cup of tea but the message is right on.

Octane is where I found their music, some of I really enjoy, but finding their video channel on YouTube has taken it to a whole other level.  I am going sound really old here but I have missed out on the music videos on You Tube.  The discovery has made me thrilled and opened up a new way for me to enjoy music.  In This Moment's video channel is what made me appreciate the band even more.Their videos are testaments to Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.

I have mentioned several times that I don't get all of In This Moment, so I want to mention several songs I really dig.  Big Bad Wolf is one of their newer releases and it is the jam! Adrenalize is another great song and finally The Gun Show is very tasty and fun.

If you want to hear where Shock and NuMetal is going in the future led by a great female lead singer, In This Moment is a great place to start.

Til the next time' only listen to the best: your ears deserve it.

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