Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dorothy Brings back the blues

I've noticed a great trend listening to XM/Sirius Octane.  There are more women in Hard Rock and Metal then ever.  I have already discussed two of them, Halestorm a straight Hard Rock band and In This Moment the Shock and Industrial Metal. Now the ladies are taking on a bluesy style with Dorothy. 

The band Dorothy released their first EP in 2014 and it is a solid collection of five songs. The two songs that were released were After Midnight and Raise Hell. Both are rich with distortion and a roadhouse feel. The video for Raise Hell is very clever and a fun way to promote the band. The stand out track on the EP is Gun In My Hand. No this song isn't sung at the Roadhouse it should come out of the gin joint from way over beyond the wrong side of the tracks. Not quite Janis rough but the closest I have heard in awhile. 

I love the trend in Hard Rock and think it is well overdue. So give Dorothy a listen. I am looking forward to their first full release. 

Till next time, listen to the best:your ears deserve it.

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