Saturday, March 26, 2016

Five Finger Death Punch Knocks it Out

One thing I really like I about the new Hard Rock and Metal is that the artists give credit and love to the past. Disturbed got me by the Land of Confusion cover and Five Finger Death Punch first got my interest by their cover of Bad Company's Bad Company. Five Finger then released a good cover of House of the Rising Sun.

What I enjoy about Five Finger Death Punch is that they are really raw. The guitarist lays down a thunderous sound and the vocals switch between roughly delivered singing to just growling.  The band's songs are just angry and filled with unbridled rage.  If you ever need to get up in the morning or it a pick me up they are the band to look to.

The cover that really blew me away wasn't released but I found on their newest double album. Mama Said Knock You Out was a raw powerful rap/hip hop track from LL Cool J from 1990. To be honest the rap/hip hop was one of the most driven and hard edged of its time that just made sense to turn the track into a hard rock song.  The cover shows its love and respect for the original but takes it even gritter and angrier.  The track is almost prefect, the one thing it is missing is that the guest rapper isn't LL.   Even so, it is a shame to bury this amazing track in the Album and not release it.  If you need an example of how the anger in rap and metal can work this track is it.

Til next time, listen to the best - your ears deserve it.

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