Monday, June 6, 2016

How the Wilson sisters stole my Heart

I still remember the moment like it was yesterday. 16 years old and on a trip for the youth group hanging at the hotel watching MTV. The video for What About Love is on and out comes Nancy Wilson poured from liquid steel holding her Les Paul guitar, ahh young lust.  Even odder this wasn't the first time I had seen the band Heart. For some god knows why reason the band was in a commercial for coffee in the early 80's. It was coffee helps drive Heart to their next album or some crap like that.

I learned of Heart from their release Heart in 85. The album was a slick well produced hit maker. The catchy riffs with major exposure on MTV thrust the Wilson sisters to popularity that the band only dreamed of in the 70's.

Now the Heart of the 70's was a great rock band. The Wilson sisters compared their sound to a female Led Zeppelin, a fair accessment.   Heart of the 80's was driven and written into a band that was taylored for videos and pop rock crossover. To be fair the Heart of the 70's would not be known near as well with the cards exposure so it was a risk well worth taking with their sound.

All the criticism aside, I loved Heart 85 release. The album had 4 top Ten hits and the group's first #1 hit with These Dreams. The filler tracks are great too. All Eyes, What He Don't Know and Nobody Home are solid rock songs.

Are the songs on Heart 85 as good as Majic Man or Baraduda, no they are not. Would as many people know of those great songs without the exposure on MTV probably not. Even more so without Ann and Nancy showing that Women can Rock hard would we have as many great Women who are Rocking now?

Til next time, listen to the best -  your ears deserve it.

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