Monday, November 1, 2010

The First and the Rules

Hi there
Well this is the first time I have started this and I know I am way late on this craze.  I was on a cruise with my wife borring her about going on and on about Albums and music and such, and I figured I needed to expand on who I borred.  And maybe get some imput, suggestion and maybe even some disagreements. 
Let me start with a few ground rules on this blog.  It is all music, it is all albums.  I will not review singles anytime soon.  I know that is where the music is going, I grew up with albums that is what I will review. Next no Greatest Hits albums.  These are a great marketing tool for the record companies and I must admit a great way to learn about artist but not my cup of tea.  Last make suggestions please.  I will try my best to explore all areas and listen to some groups I might not normally, but if you have any ideas let me know.
I am going to start with the best albums of the superstars, not the albums that they got big with, but their best.  Case in point Prince.  When I say Prince everyone says Purple Rain.  A great album no problem there, his best?  I say Sign of The Times.  This is a few albums since the craze of Purple Rain and Prince had moved to France.  The album is very topical for its time and still is.  The title track still applies now, lots of questions.  Great slow jams, Slow Love, and very interesting way to look at relationships with If I Was Your Girlfriend.  Great story telling songs with, The Ballard of Dorthy Parker, and Starfish and Coffee. These are songs I still quote lines from due to the fact they are so darn clever.  The song that pushing this Album over the top is The Cross.  A strong Spirtual song with a very haunting guitar intro.  When he was in Lexington many years ago I almost yelled at two girls next to me that started to say what is that song. Come on girls listen to something besides whats on the radio.
I think the album is his St. Peppers.  He has had great albums since and much more commerical success, but with the great mix and solid effort of all the styles that he is so great on it is his best album.
Well that is the first one down.  The next will be Michael Jackson, RIP.  For you who know me you will know what album I will review, for those who don't you might be surprised.

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