Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Best Michael Jackson Album

The next in the greats of  the 80's is Michael Jackson.  Thriller was a force in the 80's.  But not his best album.  Off The Wall was Michael Jackson's best album.  If you don't believe me ask JT, Usher and even R Kelly.  Most of our pop dance music is still inspired by this album.  Hell the album tracks have almost moved into their own area of music.
Lets go to the album there are ten tracks of singles and 5 of them broke the top five on the charts.  I keep looking at the tracks trying to find one better than the other.  If pressed She's Out of My Life would be my favorite.  You feel the pain in that song. The dance tracks on here are just amazing. I am very torn between Rock with You, I still remember that horrible music video, and Don't Stop til you get enough on which is the better dance track.  Burn this disco down the last good disco song. And yes before record companies found out how much money was be made off of crappy disco there were great dance songs from that era.
It was Michael's first work with Quincy Jones.  I think it was so under the radar and they were so willing to try anything that it works. This was years of young Michael Jackson watching and learning on what it takes to make great music and out of his years came a great album. I think musicians work best when the record companies leave them alone. The great albums come when no one expects them to.  After the monster that was Thriller Michael didn't have another great album.  Some great singles sure, but nothing to compare to the ten Perfect Tracks here. What stinks it that the best was really his first.
I remember in grade school, yes I just dated myself there, listening to these singles on the radio and loving every release.  My challenge is to listen to it, and then tell me which is better.  The few that I have laid this challenge to have agreed with me.
Next the third leg of the table that is the greats of the 80s Madonna.

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