Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello Again

Well at lot of things have taken place since my last blog.  Sorry for not keeping up on this but had a few things in the air which have now landed and I am all done with the big test.  Also I was thinking, this is my blog talking about My favorite albums.  I should talk about the albums I love.  And nobody has suggested anything for me to listen to so I will review my favorites.
The 80's in the suburbs.  Miami at its finest and I am a teenager.  My first Rock concert was for the artist I am going to be talking about this week, Chicago.
I think in the 80's in the burbs you had to have Chicago 17.  I think it was with the welcome bag on each move into the neighborhood.  And why wouldn't it be?  It is a great album, it was also the death of the band.
First the album.  I was introduced to the album by the first song Stay the Night by a video on MTV.  Yes they used to play music videos.  Great video and great song.  The next two singles were very romantic and very David Foster.  A great thing and I think the thing that broke up the band.  Peter Cetera left and to this day will not talk about it.  To me the death of the band they were never as good again.  But wow Hard Habit to Break and You're The Inspiration not much better ballads out the still.  I mean if you grew up in the 80's those were the love songs.  I think the other tracks on the album were really good, I have always been very fond of Prima Donna and Only You.  There is one real throw away We Can Stop the Hurting, cheesy.  With lyrics like "Kids running numbers out of bars" wow really I didn't know it was still 1930.  Ah leftover hippy crap they are a band that has been around forever.
After this album the band did go on, and they had some success, just without Cetera.  Now the band, like I said, was around many years before this and had many hits.  But I think Chicago 17 was one of those the sound hit at just the right time to make it a monster.
I love Chicago 17 and it will always remind me of my teenage years.  I don't know which album next, still open to suggestion.

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  1. I used to listen to this on tape and play along with it on my trombone....NERD ALERT