Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kilroy Was Here RIP Styx

Well I am going from great albums to a really bad one.  This album is soo bad that it broke up a great rock band, Styx.  Now stop hating, Styx was a great rock band before this album.  They had hard rocking tracks, hell the Steelers use Renegade to pump up the crowd at their games.  What killed them was this album and Dennis DeYoung's ego.  I like Dennis DeYoung.  At one time I owned all of his solo work, he just got out of the hard arena rock mold of Styx and dragged them down with a bad concept album.
I love the Paradise Theater album.  It was a great concept album and I will review it later, but Kilroy Was Here is awful!  It is an album about Robots.  Now I know it is about the mechanisms taking over humanity and censorship running wild, but it does not translate at all.  Two tracks are good on this album, Mr. Roboto and Don't Let it End.  Hey Mr. Roboto is catchy and if DeYoung is really great at something it is Ballads and Don't Let it End is a good one.  Other than that it is crap.  Tommy Shaw and James Young just weren't in to it and you can tell.  Then on top of that the musicians get to act, and that is being very nice.  I don't know what was going on there, maybe MTV got into it with the early music videos but these guys aren't actors.  And you can tell Shaw and Young hated it.  Now just to have a video concept album is one thing, but to take it on the road wow what a crappy idea.  I saw the Caught in the Act concert film, the Concert part was great!  They are a terrific live band.  The "Acting" part was, wow can't express it right.
I knew I would have to tackle this album with my love affair with Styx.  I think if it didn't come out the hatered of this band wouldn't be as bad.  Next week on to the Rolling Stones.  Spencer burned me an album and I am being to see what the fuss it all about.

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