Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stay out of it Nick Lachey

Once again I start with my post of my favorite albums.  This week is a dirty little confession.  First I want to say my wife bought this album, but it is the greatest break up album ever.  Newlyweds was a great show but we all knew it was going to end between Nick and Jessica, what we didn't know was the product of the train wreck would be one of the greatest break up albums ever!
What's Left of Me was the album Nick released after the very public break up and wow it was really good.  Every song on the album is so angry and bitter. It is just dead on what people feel when they break up.    The title track says it all What's Left of Me, man that hurts.  Then you have I Can't Hate You Any More, another crushing song.  Shades of Blue, Outside Looking In are the other titles, wow can you say PISSED.
The truth is Nick has a really good voice and these are really good pop songs.  It is very brave and I think therapeutic of an album.   Should it have won a Grammy, maybe for pop.  The emotions are very raw and real, and you can sing to them.
Clearly he was the more talented of the ill fated two.  Would I ever buy another Nick Lachey album, I don't think so, but he hit it out of the park here.  So if you are going through a break up, or just want to remember how tough they can be, I would give this album a listen.

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