Sunday, May 15, 2011

Powerful only Album

Ahh the 80's.  The new fab five Duran Duran was every where.  I was in junior high and most of the girls carried Tiger Beat with their pictures all in the mag.  As a teen boy I hated them.  Honestly they were a good band, but more on that later.  86 rolls around and Duran Duran takes time off and form two very different bands, I guess the early Team Jacob and Team Coco.  I went with the Power Station.  Who knew the Taylors could rock?  I also learned of Robert Palmer.  What a great voice!  Shame he left us too early.
The Power Station album is great funky rock.  Some Like it Hot, Bang a Gong, hell John has a bass solo, and it was good.  The nice thing is beyond the hits it was a solid album.  Communication, and Go to Zero are great songs.
The album made me look at Duran Duran again, beyond Tiger Beat and see there was a good band there.
Unfortunately this was the only album from this band.  Robert Palmer took the success and ran with it.  I enjoyed his solo work, but always wondered what if?  This was a great superband that only had the one album, but what a great album.
Sure there were plenty of other great superbands, but most of them stayed beyond there welcome, this one left the party way too early.

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