Saturday, April 23, 2011

For Paul

I am finally getting to one of the greatest and one of the top under rated bands Rush.  I know I am going with the very obvious pick here but Moving Pictures is an awsome album! It is the album most casual fans know, and it is great.  I love the lyrics in these songs and the music is top notch.
You start with Tom Sawyer, the song we all know.  But the lyrics are deep and the music just rocks.  To hear the opening cord just gets me fired up and ready to take on anything.  Red Barchetta is such a neat song.  And with gas going to $6 a gallon muscle cars might be outlawed.  You just feel the excitement and the danger in the song.  All serious musicians start off trying to learn YYZ.  Limelight explains alot of truths in the music and fame business that most of us don't think of.
Once again I know it is the easy pick for a Rush album but most of that is cause it is a great Rush album. Hemispheres, Power Windows and Grace Under Pressure are great to go to next.  The band hasn't gotten its due and why they aren't in the Rock and Roll hall of fame is beyond me.  Rush has influenced so many bands and like I stated before I know many musicians try to learn YYZ and many other Rush songs.  Why? It is because the music is just that good.
This one is for my buddy Paul, a huge fan and I went to see them in concert with him.
Till next time

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