Monday, May 11, 2015

And where is the Batman

Two things brought on this review.  I was not going to do any more Prince CDs for awhile, but I found a CD in the box that doesn't get the respect it deserves.  The first thing brought this review calling for due respect was a movie.  Now I really love this movie and I am happy I got to get into the series, but it a very wrong and disrespectful scene.  Shaun of the Dead is a fine film but when the main characters first start fighting the Zombie horde they decided to throw anything they can find.  Some of the items they were throwing were record albums.  They ranked the albums by what to throw at the zombie and what not to throw.  The Batman soundtrack from Prince was thrown.  Haters. 
The next and actually worse thing was on my good friends Jarrod's birthday.  We love to sing karaoke  and Jarrod likes to pick the worse songs ever for us to sing.  Some songs should never be played for karaoke, Batdance is the top of the list.  We and the version of the song were horrible.

The album is great I don't care whatever people say,  I really thought the CD and the Movie where a great package together.  Prince tries to get into the characters in the movie and there are great jams, panty dropping soul ballads and even a sweet duet.  Batdance well, we will get to that song.

The first two tracks The Future and Electric Chair show the purple one really trying to look inside the mask and makeup of the Batman and Joker.  Partyman and Trust and great fun jams that I would be at home on any Prince CD.  Scandalous is an awesome getting the motor running for all of the females soul ballad.   Finally Arms of Orion a sweet duet and totally out of character for him.  I love the way his voice blends with Sheena Easton's.  Yet the cd isn't perfect, there is a track that although adventurous this track doesn't deliver.  Batdance is a stretch, I enjoy the track but I think the criticism is fair.

Is the Batman soundtrack the best CD from Prince, no but especially of late there have been much, much worse.  I think even with all the time since it has been released it still delivers and doesn't deserve the criticism it gets.

Til next time listen to the best your ears deserve it.

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