Saturday, August 1, 2015

Keys to a great sound

It's funny this blog post was going to start the same way the last one did.  I was watching VH1 saw a great video and called Spencer McGuire.  So due to the fact I have mentioned Spencer in many different post half of this blog will be about my brother from another mother and the Awesomeness of Alicia Keys.

I met Spencer at Eastern Kentucky University through some mutual friends and right off we bounded over music.  I know of at least one car trip we took with my wife that she fussed at us to talk about anything else but music.  I dig Spencer's broad taste in music.  He likes all types but  just the best quality of the area.  Of coarse we can take up hours discussing the Purple one but don't get him talking on Genesis he will be on them all night.  So normally if I see or hear something that is really great he is one of the first people I call.  So just like when I saw Erykah on VH1 he was the first person I called and when I saw Falling.  It is great to have a friend to share quality music with.

Now on to Alicia.  The video of Fallin' is a work of art.  Starting with just her at the piano, then the bus trip driving past the jail yard with the female prisoners joining her gospel style on the chorus my jaw was on the floor amazing video.  Of coarse I called Spencer then off to Best Buy.

The rest of the CD is an amazing blend of hip hop, piano, soul and pop.  Similar to Erykah but smoother style.  I think the fact that her main instrument is piano leads to more melody than beat.  It pushes this style of music more to the mass appeal without sacrificing quality.

The CD starts out with Alicia taking to her piano is Piano & I which shows her playing chops right off.  How Come you Don't Call me is an amazing Prince cover which is hard to do but boy she pulls it off.  Her voice was made for the song.  Rock With You is strait 70's funk and a great track.  A Woman's Worth is a powerful ballad and feminist anthem.  Finally the track that got me hooked Fallin'. The best blend of Pop, R&B and Gospel since Ray Charles.  I can't say more about the song it's wonderful.

Once again another great example of Neo Soul.  A great CD from a Artist that continued to put out solid music.

Til next time listen to the best your ears deserve it!

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