Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now I what it sounds like when Doves Cry

For anyone who has read my posts is is pretty clear that Prince is one of my favorite artist.  With the news of his untimely passing I had to put together a few wards out of my respect for The Artist.

Prince has been a part of my musical world as long as I can remember.  As a teenager I remember seeing the early videos on MTV of I Want to be Your Lover, 1999 and Little Red Corvette.  At the time still a bit too young to fully get the artist but I was still taken with him.

As I grew and learned more about what music can be Prince seemed to flex his creative muscles.  The vision and depth of Purple Rain then going psychedelic with Around the World, then combining all of his art into the double album masterpiece which is Sign O The Times.

Granted I think Sign is his finest work but Prince continued to put out great work and many of them I have reviewed.

Prince let me explore with him, Sex, Love, Race Relations, and Family issues.  All were done with such insight and a musical chameleon ability that we might never see again.

One request I have of anyone that reads this blog when it comes to Prince, don't just stick to the Hits.  In my opinion the man wrote very few bad songs and even the filler tracks on all of his releases were great listens.

So Rest in Peace great Purple One, Prince Rodgers Nelson, I count myself lucky that I could share in your musical vision.

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