Thursday, July 28, 2016

Loose lips are click bait. The Case for Linkin Park

I heard on Octane about some great click bate quote from Chester Bemnington from Linkin Park. Chester Benninton said that Linkin Park kept hard rock and metal alive.  Okay if I had a sight that needed traffic I would lead with that comment too.

But hey hard core fans, take a breath and think about what he really said.  In 2003 Hard Rock and Metal weren't the focus of popular culture.  True fans loved Metal and Hard Rock but the general population didn't.  There has always been waves of when different genres of music are popular, right now Metal and Hard Rock are close to the front. In five years I am sure it will be another type of music.

There are always the bands from each genre that stand out even when that genre isn't the most popular.  In 2003 Linkin Park crossed into the popular culture even when Metal and Hard Rock weren't on top. If you take that to the next logical step, the band's influence lead to fans who weren't hard core to be more open when it was Hard Rock and Metals time to be in the forefront.

Hard core fans/haters who don't want to reason continue to post your nonsense, I am sure it makes you feel better.  Those who can think and be open to all the best that All music has to offer keep an open mind and think before you click on the click bait.

Till next time, keep your ears and mind open to the best - they deserve it,

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