Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Emarosa Kentucky's Alternative to Country Music

Listening to Octane on Sirius/XM a few months ago and my ears perked up at where this band started. Right in my current town Lexington KY.  I have to admit I am not in the local music scene at all.  I just don't stay out to 2 AM to listen to the bands at the local clubs and I don't care for music festivals; festival seating is annoying to me.  So my first listen of a local band made good is on National radio.

Emarosa started in 2006 and have had several albums before they came on my radar.  The band has also very much changed music styles as the albums progressed.  They started Post Punk/Hardcore with sounds of Alternative Rock and now sound mainly Alternative Rock.

If I had to describe their new release's sound it would be a rougher edge to Fall Out Boy.  The new release is called 131.  After several hearings of the album it is very listenable.  I enjoy their sound and the tracks they have released Cloud 9 and Helpless are solid.  Do I think this is music that will change the face of Rock, no.  Do I know this is a great listen that 5 years from now you can put on and still enjoy yes.  I think what critics focus in on is off point.  That being said some times bands put out music that they know people will enjoy and it means something to the band.  This is the kind of music that becomes the soundtrack to our lives.  The songs that are on in the background when our moments happen that can take us back to those moments when we hear the songs again.

Its great to hear that a local band is making moves on the music scene especially in the Rock area that Kentucky has not been known for.

Til next time listen to the best your ears deserve it.

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