Sunday, August 7, 2016

Skillet sizzles the hard rock and christian music scene

I have heard the band Skillet for the past few years.  I have enjoyed listening to them on the modern hard rock channels.  What stood out is that the DJs said they were a Christian Rock band.  I listened to their songs and didn't hear anything overtly Christian.  At most I heard maybe a positive message in some solid Hard Rock anthems.

So after a few years I decided to dig a little deeper on Skillet, cause I still didn't hear the Christian in their hard rock.  It turns out unless you buy the albums or listen to the Christian Rock stations you won't hear the obvious Christian message in Skillet's music.

Amy Grant is a Christian Artist from the 80's and 90's who started the trend of having secular tracks released but having Christian tracks on her albums. Skillet and many other Christian Rock bands are using the same formula.  It seems to work and draw in fans.

What I like about Skillet is that their releases for the mainstream are great hard rock anthems.  If you need a sound track to work out t,o bring up Awake and Alive, Feel Invincible or Hero.  Jen Cooper is a good drummer and I love her vocals with the lead singer John Cooper.

So, are they a Christian Rock band or Hard Rock mainstream? Yes they are.  I have to give the band, respect they are bridging the two worlds very well.

Til next time, listen to the best - your ears deserve it.

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