Sunday, September 27, 2015

The comment that caused a career to Fly away

I have had a hard time starting this blog. The CD is incredible but the trio or one of them is difficult. What the singer said and the reaction or overreaction to the comments is not an area I want to go into with my blog. Unfortunately the  contervery seems to have an halo effect with the trio and caused an early demise to a stellar career. 

The trio are the Dixie Chicks and whatever your opinions on their lead singer Natalie Maines are that is fine with me.  What I want to review is in my opinion is one of the great modern country CDs. 

Fly came out in 1999 and dominated the country music charts and propelled the band into crossover success. I like most of America loved the trio. The group was fun and a great blend of modern feel with a healthy nod to their country past. 

The CD starts off with the track Ready to Run, which was also included in the soundtrack to the Julia Roberts movie Run Away Bride. The video that accompanied the song was very cute with the trio running away from their weddings on bikes. Sticking with the video theme Goodbye Earl is wonderfully tasty song about vengeance. The video with its release had some great stars in it, Jane Krakawoski and Lauren Holly as the best friends and Dennis Franz as Earl.  Finally Cowboy Take Me Away another successful crossover hit. 

The thing that makes this CD is great is in between these crossover country songs is some wonderful updating of country classic themes. Hello Mr Heartache is a country gem along with Cold Day in July share the wonderful traditional word play that are in country classics. Hole in My Head and Sin Wagon are fun jams. Finally you can hear feel the desperation and hopelessness in the tracks Heartbreak Town and Without You. 

Well if you don't know what happened to cause the trio's career go sideways find out for yourself I am not covering it here. Still with such a prefect blend of the old and new in a country music scene that seems to have abandoned their past it makes you wonder what if. 

Til next time listen to the best your ears deserve it.  

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