Sunday, September 6, 2015

Powerful Soft Rock Mr. Cross

Me and Sheryl were watching Anchorman 2 and Christoper Cross's Ride Like the Wind comes on. Wow that is a great song do I own that?  Reviewing ITunes I find out, no I don't.  That was quickly fixed.  I am surprised and not so surprised that the Album didn't make it onto ITunes, I probably had a copy of a copy on cassette.  It was nice to rediscover another musical piece of my teenage years.

Now in the early 80's Christopher Cross dominated the air ways and many a jam box.  I remember several youth group and choir groups bus tours that Mr. Cross was played on the jam box on the way home. It was a soft rock sound that parents and teenagers could listen to.  Growing up in Miami in the early 80's you couldn't get away from the song Sailing.  Everybody with a boat either had that or Jimmy Buffett playing on a loop.

The album, as I rediscovered is really one of the perfect examples of Soft Rock.  Not only did you have the classic Sailing, there was I Really Don't Know Anymore and Ride Like The Wind.  Those tracks featured on background vocals the Great Micheal McDonald another legend in the soft rock field.

As a funny side note Sirius XM has put out a temporary channel called Yacht Rock. Please check it out it plays all the artists I have listed and more.  I am back in my parents Volkswagen and listening to the AM radio, good times.

To say the album was a monster is an understatement.  When it hit the Grammy's the album and Mr. Cross won five awards.  And if this isn't a shocker it beat Pink Floyd's The Wall for album of the year.

Unfortunately for a lot of Soft Rock artist of the age MTV showed up.  Pop and Dance ruled the charts and airwaves fueled by the Music Video.  Not to say Christoper totally disappeared there were a few very notable hits, Think of Laura from General Hospital, that's for you Halcomb, and Arthur's Theme from Arthur but nothing like the monster his first Album was.

So if you want to take a great trip back and listen to classic give his first album at try.

Til next time keep listening to the best your ears deserve it.

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