Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Guy is Immortalized

Hey a review of an CD from this century in fact this decade.  I wrote in an earlier post of my love of Disturbed and how they re awoken my love of Hard Rock.  Well Disturbed took a five year hiatus and the members put out some good music.  Then last year on Disturbed's Facebook page The Guy was shown being revived.

The CD was released and shot to number one on the charts.  Fans loved it and the critics were back on the hunt again. Critics are what critics are, I take everything they say with a grain of salt and to take pieces of what they say to make a true picture. They don't like the CD and don't see any growth, the quote I loved was "this was a for Fans only release", of course they wrote the CD for the fans who else buys it?

On to the CD.  First of I disagree with the critics there are some new things on the release.  First off there is almost a ballad, well by Disturbed's standards a ballad.  You're Mine is a song the lead singer David Draiman wrote for his wife. it and the song The Light are almost upbeat and happy.  I am not sure I would have used those terms to describe any Disturbed tracks from earlier CDs.  Finally the cover of Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence should put the haters of Draiman's voice to rest.  The man can sing and his delivery on this track proves it.  Sheryl listened to the track and didn't know it was Disturbed.

Now there are the standard Disturbed tracks. The title track is powerful and Immortalized can be used to fire up teams before taking the field.  The video release for The Vengeful One brings back Disturbed mascot The Guy and although a great video it isn't Land of Confusion.  I am kind of happy they didn't try to remake the Todd McFarland video that was lighting in a bottle and couldn't be repeated.  The new video is live action and animation, it features The Guy returning and taking on the evil of the media.  The funnest point is that the corporation has an intern named Hope and the monsters of executives eat her  Not exactly subtle but funny.

In some ways the critics are right if you like Disturbed you will like this CD.  In other ways they are wrong I can see some changes without losing your fan base.

Til next time listen to the best your ears deserve it.

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