Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Native Howl's Trash Grass

Thank you Joe Proctor for adding a link to this band on your Face Book page.  I am always looking for different blends of sounds and the latest EP release from The Native Howl fits the bill very well.

The Native Howl are 4 very talented musicians from Detroit who blend folk, rock, alternative and with the newest release Bluegrass to form a fun unique sound.  The band is still relatively young, only formed in 2013,with only three EPs/Albums released.

Intrigued by the Thunder Head track, the first release from Trash Grass, I decided to dig deeper and listen to the rest of the three albums the band has done.  I mostly liked what I heard from the first two releases and Love the newest Trash Grass.  The first two releases are mainly a Folk Rock, Alternative sound, which have never been my favorite.  I respect the musicians and can hear the quality of what they are doing but just not my cup of coffee.

Now with Trash Grass the music speaks to me.  The first track Thunder Head sounds like if you gave a top Bluegrass Group at hit of Speed and then recorded the results, which are Awesome.  Doomed from the Start is a fun track about how useless existence is the lyrics cleverly go over all the different ways Mankind can be doomed. Follow Me is a released track from an early release.  Finally, with Hurricane, the EP comes to its howling end.

A pleasant find and a fun blending of two styles of music that don't normally blend give Trash Grass a listen.

Til next time, listen to the best- your ears deserve it.

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