Sunday, January 22, 2017

Volbeat: Globalization of Hard Rock 2.0

I've known of this band for a few years and I am surprised it has taken me this long to talk about them.  I have dug the sound Volbeat has put out for the past few years but I guess what got my attention was the story behind the band. That prompted me to write my blog about the band.

I first heard the band back in 08 with their release of the track Sad Man's Tongue and thought the sound was good.  In 2010, was their Album release Beyond Hell/Above Heaven and the band became a hit.

The band is very guitar rift driven.  They use a lot of the same driving rhythm on their tracks.  There is a lot about the mythology of the American Old West.  That's okay but when you find out where Volbeat comes from their obsession with the Old West takes on a wholly different feel.  Doing my research into the band I found out that they are Danish.  Once again, it is a  small world we live in that a Heavy Metal band from Denmark would write such authentic songs about the American Old West.

Their latest release was Seal the Deal and Let's Boogie.  The album keeps the same driving beat and great vocals of their past releases.  I enjoyed it but preferred the 2010 Beyond Hell/Above Heaven release.  Maybe the 2010 release had more tracks that I have heard for the past 7 years and really love so those might be the only reasons I prefer that release.

I would recommend several tracks for the band to get a feel for their sound, The Mirror and the Ripper, A Warriors Call, The Hangman's Body Count, Lola Montez, and my favorite release Still Counting.

A great modern Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band with a cool back story, Volbeat should be listened to.

Till next time, listen to the best  - your ears deserve it.

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