Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Early Joel

Back in 1980 something, I asked for an album by Billy Joel for Christmas.  As mentioned in the earlier post I was raised on 70's AM radio and Billy Joel was one of the giants of that era.  I must of been in either 6th or 7th grade, early teens, and just learning what kind of music I wanted to listen to.  I received Songs in The Attic by Billy Joel, not one of his big hit albums, which turned out to be wonderful.

Now I don't know how my parents chose this album but a good friend of mine at the time made a very smart ass comment that it was a kind of album that a parent would buy.  He was sort of right but I guess this helped  me to learn about early Billy Joel and the tracks on albums that aren't big hits.
This whole album is not exactly big hits.  When Mr. Joel started out he worked with studio musicians on his first few albums.  After a few years he got a band together and preferred the way they sounded on the early songs.  So the new Live versions on the songs were put together in a new album.  The new versions are great. 

The album starts with Miami 2017 a post apocalyptic tale of New York city and the driving of the song and the crowd really stand out live and shows why he picked the songs to be on this live album. I also really enjoyed Streetlife Serenader, Everyone Loves You Know. The last track, I've Loved These Days is a stand out, really shows the overindulgence and decadence of the 70's and how it is almost romantic.

I think this is a great album for people who have heard the Glass Houses and 52nd Street and want more.  I really enjoyed it and formed a lot of what I looked for in music.

Until next review be good to your ears and listen to the best

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