Saturday, February 28, 2015

Guilty Confession

I have to confess something. The summer of 1988, I saw Richard Marx in concert three times.  His first album was great. It was the soundtrack to that year.  I rediscovered it in adding CDs to the cloud.  On relistening, I really enjoyed it all over again.

Before you go hating on Richard Marx and yes almost everything he did after this- save for the single Hazard- is a rehash of this album. But if he had to rehash anything this album is great.  Anyone of my age remembers slow dancing to Endless Summer Nights or Hold On To The Nights. Hum lots of love songs about nights on this album??

The album starts with Should've Known Better, a great love gone wrong track, once again lots of love songs on this album.  The first single, Don't Mean Nothing, is great rock song and wonderful take on California and the entertainment industry.  This track was special with Richard Marx's background. In writing songs and trying to break into the music industry he must have really felt the lyrics.

Reviewing the tracks on the album, I noticed something that happened a lot in the days of cassettes, the first side is all the hits.  Why this happened I don't know. I know Journey's Frontiers and some Billy Joel albums from the 80s are this way.  I am not saying the 2nd side of this album is bad just not the hits.

The first Richard Marx album is so worth a listen, most of the tracks stand the test of time and the ones that don't are nostalgic.  Till next time, be good to your ears- they are worth it.

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