Thursday, February 5, 2015

For Dad

In earlier posts, I have mentioned Mark Benson who was a great influence on my music tastes. This post will focus on the other great influence on my music tastes and one of his favorite artist.

The other great influence on my music tastes is my father Dave Woolverton.  Some of my earliest memories are in the 70's in the Volkswagen listing to AM gold coming through the speakers.
Some of things I have noticed is how he really pays attention to the lyrics of a song and enjoys listening to the story especially if there are some good word play involved. Many of a time he has told me to listen to what the artist is saying and grins when I get the play on words or  the big reveal at the end of the song.  In fact, the artist in this post has a classic song that has a wonderful reveal at the end.

I would have to say my love for the singer/ songwriter and introduction to jazz and blues comes from my father.  As most children do, I branched out from there and went more hard rock and bebop than on the jazz side; but the ground work was laid from what I heard him play and enjoy.

Nancy Wilson is one of my father's favorite singers.  I know most of my generation will see the name Nancy Wilson and think of the Heart sisters, but this isn't her.  Nancy Wilson is a jazz signer from the 60's and 70's who really knows how to craft a story into a song with her voice.  She got her start thanks to Julian "Cannonball" Adderley.  In fact, a father's day gift from a few years back was an album of duets they did together. A must listen if you find it.

Spencer McGuire is a very old and dear friend who's father also loved Nancy Wilson.  I wanted to make sure he got a mention in the post, especially since the CD I will be reviewing is a Christmas gift from him. 

Turned to Blue was released in 2006 and is Nancy's most recent release.  While not the fan my father is I can really appreciate this CD and have enjoyed the story teller that she is.  Smooth and mellow it is a great listen for a Sunday Brunch or an afternoon reading with some coffee.  For a introduction to what Jazz singers really should be this CD would be a good start. 

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