Sunday, February 22, 2015

The too Dangerous to be released Prince

Once again, back in 80 something, Prince was the very talented Bad Boy.  I loved and still love him.  He always pushed the envelope in the sexual areas and, if not double meaning in his lyrics, he out an out talked about sex.  He was very taboo back then.

The Black Album from his Royal Purpleness was to follow up Sign of the Times, an album I have reviewed earlier and still consider his best, The Black album was pulled before release.  Many different rumors on why the pull but mainly I heard Warner Brothers thought it was too dirty.  I never fully believed that one because if you have seen the album cover to LoveSexy, the album that came out instead The Black Album is the one with a naked Prince on the cover so that rumor makes no sense.  Any how, I heard a few bootleg tracks here and there. On a side note, one of the bootlegs I heard during this time period was Prince and Miles Davis.  Those bootleg tracks weren't of great quality but wow the music was awesome! 

94 comes along and Warner Brothers finally releases the album. Of course, I buy it!  Ah I won't say disappointed in what I heard - more underwhelmed at the lack of the Dirtiness.  That being said the dirtiness was probably there in 87 but no longer as shocking in 94.  Funny how much had changed in music over that time period.  With Hip Hop coming along and dominating in those years the words used and terms used to describe women and sex really changed.  Prince seemed checky, erotic and fun, Hip Hop just was too blunt at that time. 

That being said the music is as awesome ever for a Prince album and some of the tracks should have been classics on this album.  The first working title of the album was The Funk Bible and it would have really fit. The tracks are very early Prince funky.  It starts with Le Grind and the dance tracks continue from there.  Cindy C is  dedicated to Supermodel Cindy Crawford and is another solid track.  Dead On It is a song that came too late, a wonderful swipe at Hip Hop of the time.  Rock Hard in a Funky place is classic dirty Prince. It is a funny track about being rock hard at an inappropriate place, if you know what we mean. 

The stand out track - and I could write a whole blog on -  is Bob George.  A song about a man who isn't very likable and doesn't like Prince, "The Skinner MF'er with the high pitch voice."  The song is so different and out there it is one of my favorites and quoted often by me and my friends. 

I wish the album had been released when it was supposed to be, but it is a classic.  Maybe the long mystery of the album helped but I don't think so.  As for the genius of Prince, it showed that the naughtiness wasn't what made him it was the music.

Til the next time, be good to your ears -  they deserve it.

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