Thursday, March 19, 2015

Like a fine wine better with age

I missed the Police. I was a hair too young, but I got Sting in his prime. Boy was he great, he still is but just go with me here. He was a invigorating blend of pop, jazz, and new wave. As a teenager I ate it up. Between my dad and Sting it was a great way to get into traditional Jazz.

Then there was a four year break. I saw him on tour during this break and was surprised. He switched back to bass guitar and changed the band. Still a great concert and I got to yell Roxanne, ala Eddie Murphy, in my date's ear.

The Soul Cages came out. I didn't get it. I loved the single All This Time, but the rest of the album was too dense. I learned more about the Album as time went on. Sting lost his father before this album and suffered from writers block. The album was a way to move through the grief and the block. The songs tell a story about a young man who loses his father who is a ship builder and his quest to bury and save his father's soul. The songs are also a reflection of his feelings for his father.

Pretty dense eh. As a 22 year old kid no way I got it. But it still left an impression on me I knew there was something here. I continued loving Sting but this album hung around as one I needed to relisten to. As a 45 year old man I get it. It is dense like a fruit cake but also like a fruit cake it gets better with age. All This Time still stands out but other songs are great tonal poems. This is not an album for singles or for background music but made for head phones

Till next time listen to the best your ears deserve it.

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