Monday, March 30, 2015

What Happened?

I keep wanting to put this artist in the wrong time period.  I know the first place I saw one of his video's was on VH1 but I keep on wanting to place when I saw it earlier. I want to put this album in the late 90's around the same time Alica Keys came out but the true release is a little later.  Remy Shand had his first and only album in 2001 on Motown records.  Soul was making a minor come back and boy is this album soulful.

I saw the video for the first release and it was smooth and easy.  The song was Take a Message and I was hooked.  I think my first call was to Spencer McGuire who caught the video also and agreed a very good track.

So I bought the CD and was blown away.  It is a blend of the best of soulful Prince, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.  The first single is a stand out but the groove on the whole cd is just terrific.  Best played with a bourbon or a coffee and just groove away.The only problem is that it is the only CD Remy Shand ever did.

I did more digging after awhile and learned about Mr. Shand.  Born in 78 he is a Canadian artist who won the Juno for Soul Album. Hey lets be honest, how many Juno's are there for soul albums.  I love the Canadians but not the group of people I would say were Soulful.  It turns out that Remy Shand does share a lot with Prince. He is very particular is the studio and could never get the right sound again.

Really it is a shame he never did any more CDs but the one he did give us is amazing.  I would recommend to all who want some modern soul with a foothold in the past.  Til next time-  be good to your ears, they deserve it.

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