Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Disturbing Reintroduction to Hard Rock and Metal

The 90's weren't great for me for Rock and Metal.  I just didn't listen to much of it; oh I knew about Foo Fighters, Pantera and Green Day.  I got really into the Jazz, Soul and as mentioned in earlier posts Country.

Well in 05 I was watching MTV2, I think I was waiting for a rerun of Bevis and Butthead and I saw this bitching video.  First off it was animated, I will watch most animation on TV just ask my wife.  Next it was animated by Todd McFarland from Spawn fame, I love his style.  Finally it was a cover of a great Genesis song, Land of Confusion.  The band was Disturbed and I was hooked.  I had gotten into the "I" products and immediately bought the video on ITunes and showed everybody.  I was back into the Hard Rock. 

The next step back into Hard Rock was XM.  Disturbed was on Octane yea!  I also learned about Theory of a Deadman, Shinedown and Avenged Sevenfold, but it was Disturbed that got me back to the Rock.  I bought the CD that had the Land of Confusion track, the CD is called Ten Thousand Fists.

The album title alone should explain the feeling of the CD, the tracks hit you like a fist.  I missed the angry growling rock and the CD is full of it.  David Draiman has been criticized in the media for his vocal delivery, in fact there is a great You Tube video that unfortunately hits a little to close.  I for one enjoy how he sounds, and I feel release singing along with his angry voice.  This album takes the band away from the NuMetal label they had on their first two CDs it is just straight Hard Rock.  The stand out tracks on the CD are Land of Confusion, Ten Thousand Fists, Deify and I'm Alive.

I am happy to be back into Hard Rock and Metal, even Sherri has liked some of the bands I have discovered.  For all the Disturbed haters, I say whatever, I love them and I will always thank them for getting me back into the world of ROCK.

Until next time; listen to the best, your ears deserve it.

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