Monday, May 16, 2016

What an Unusual First Release

Well back to the 80's music for the next few posts.  I want to look at some artists I really enjoyed their first hits but never listened to the rest of the album.

Lady's first and what a first release for Cyndi Lauper.  She's So Unusual was a monster in the early 80's  Bright. different and well Unusual Cyndi Lauper stood out.  I remember a close friend of mine at the time was really into Cyndi Lauper.  Mike was different and I as learned more as I got older Mike was also gay.  

I am still surprised by my reaction even back then was, So What your Gay and a bit of oh Mike things are going to be tough.  Raised by a single mother who was very cool but we lost way too soon to cancer Mike did not have an easy go of it.  I wish we had a happy ending here but Mike decided that it all was too much and decided to take his own life. It was good that he did find some comfort in the differences of Cyndi Lauper.

Now the release She's So Unusual was played around me often and I can feel comfortable  that I might have listened to the whole album back then.  The problem I find with the release is one that many artists had back in the 80's, it was a great half of an album.  

Before ITunes and even CD's cassette tapes ruled the music scene.  Was the sound great? No, but they were very portable and shareable.  The cassette had two sides and normally 4-5 songs on each side. The problem some times came that Side 1 had the released hits and Side 2 had the other tracks.  So on reviewing the track working of She's So Unusual I am sure I listened to Side 1 many times.  

Cyndi Lauper burst on the scene with Girl's Just Want To Have Fun.  It is a wonderful party anthem to women everywhere.  The great thing about the album is that it shows Cyndi's flexibility as an Artist.  Time After Time is a classic ballad that would be a hit in any era and shows great debt of music and lyric that I am still amazed when I listen to it.  Then, She Bop is about keeping one's self happy and is a fun yet very bold statement.  Finally, All Through the Night shows great vocal range and tenderness.  

Unfortunately, there are misses on the release,  I didn't care for her Prince cover of When you Where Mine, and I appreciate the music on the rest of the tracks but they didn't speak to me.  Cyndi had a great band on the release, basically the act The Hooters.

Either way the whole Album/CD/Cassette deserves a listen and it is terrific for a first release.  

Til next time, listen to the best -your ears deserve it.

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