Sunday, May 1, 2016

For Van Halen the Third time isn't a charm

I haven't always been Van Halen's biggest fan on this blog. The Roth era of the band did a lot for hard rock and the Hagar era brought the band into true across the board acceptability. Few know there was a third lead singer.

In the late 90's Eddy Van Halen going through another of his issues with lead singers. The jury is still out on whether Hagar quit or was fired. Either way Van Halen needed a lead singer. The problem was, according to industry experts, no one wanted to join. You can't trash two legendary front men and expect people to beat down your door. So the band added Gary Cherone the lead singer from the band Extreme. The only album this version of the group did was Van Halen 3.

I remember hearing and watching the video for the single released from the album, it was underwhelming. With that I, and it turned out the world, was through with Van Halen 3. Stumbling upon the album I decided to give it a listen

Bands should challenge their formula every now and then. It keeps the sound from getting stale. But there are risks you take and many times you push away your fans. Also it helps to be ahead of the curve musically not behind it.

Upon trying to listen to Van Halen 3, I am not sure what the band was going for but it was way too far from any thing Van Halen ever did. If anything, it sounded like they were trying to bring back the early 90's sounds of the Spin Doctors. Ye, I said trying. I couldn't finish the release about three quarters of it I quit. My advice is to do what the rest of the world did and forget this ever happened.  I love finding lost jems but this album ain't that.

Till next time, listen to the best - your ears deserve it.

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