Saturday, January 17, 2015

7 Wishes

Night Ranger does not get the respect they should get.  One of the funniest jokes at their expense is from American Dad.  Stan realizes he is high because he is enjoying Sister Christian.  Kind of harsh but funny.  I put Night Ranger in with Styx. It's funny how Shaw and Blades got together to form Damn Yankees. They are a great American rock band that doesn't get their dues.

7 Wishes is the band's third album.  It came out in 1985 after the band was riding high from the smash album Midnight Madness.  I remember the music videos from the album on MTV and they were great.  Being 15 at the time, the songs just rocked and I had the album first on cassette then Vinyl so I could play it in my college years on the college radio station.  The large, at the time, Vinyl selection was for the radio and that cassettes although better than 8 tracks sucked in sound quality.

Back to 7 Wishes it was the third album and the last really good one.  It starts out with the title track which just rocks.  In fact, since adding this to the cloud I have been working out to it every morning. Even the power ballad isn't to slow or sappy.  The stand out songs are Four In The Morning, This Boy Needs To Rock and Interstate Love Affair.  The last track, Goodbye, is a great way to end the album, and to end their really great albums. 

After this album, Night Ranger didn't peak again musically or on the charts again.  I own most of the albums after this and they are okay.  A few stand out tracks but nothing really to get excited over.  I think the change in the times, their original keyboard player leaving and having David Foster as a producer brought them down.  Funny, David Foster worked on another great American rock band and watered them down too.  David Foster was on Chicago 17 and they weren't the same again either.

All I can say is that I will still listen to this album while I work out and I don't have to be high to enjoy it.

Til next time; treat your ears to some good music, they have earned it.

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