Monday, January 5, 2015

A Big Regret

The next album added to the library from vinyl is Queen Live Killers.  Unlike the last group, Queen is absolutely Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy.  This is another Mark "Blender" Benson influenced choice.  We loved Queen, I still do.  Freddie Mercury is the greatest lead singer of all time.  I titled this a big regret due to the fact for many years this was the closest I had to hearing them live.  Released in 1979, being ten at the time, I was not able to see any tours.  Mark and I  said we would even drive up to Atlanta for a tour/ Alas it never happened.

As for the album itself, it rocks.  The first side is straight rock, Brian is awesome on the guitar.  Great version of We Will Rock You and even little known but crowd favorite I'm in Love With my Car.  A  double album each side is just a testament to a wonderful live band.  The nice thing is this isn't a greatest hits live album, minor hits like Get Down Make Love, 39, Spread Your Wings and Tie Your Mother Down are on this. Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody is on the album but the middle is taped due to the fact with a four piece there is simply no way to do this live.  The live madness ends with the traditional version of We Will Rock You/We are the Champions and finally God Save the Queen. 

The first time I really got to see Queen live was on Live Aid with the rest of the world.  Knowing what they were like live I was one of the few who were not surprised that Freddie and the boys took over the show and made the stage their own.  Once again their live act gave the next band a new lease on popularity but a major American tour was not to be.  AIDS took a great artist too early from this world and Freddie was lost to us.

I have been discussing with the wife about the Adam Lambert version of Queen.  I would see them live with Adam and I feel he would do Freddie proud.

A longer review than normal, but Queen wasn't any normal band.

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