Sunday, January 4, 2015

Old Friends

This Christmas my mother got me a new record player that can transfer albums into MP3 files.  I took the opportunity to visit some old Albums that had been in my parents home for the past 15 years.  I first downloaded Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, but lets get real that Album has been bloged and written about more times than I can count so we will skip that one.

My next Album was Giuffira's self titled first offering.  This album takes me back to my teenage years in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  Mark "Blender" Benson of a crew I ran around with in my teenager years loved music and has influenced a lot of what I listen to.  Mark not only listened to the music  but he learned the different artist and their background.  Giuffria is not a very well known group. Greg Giuffira was the keyboard player who led the band.  He had some minor hits with a band named Angel but with Giuffira he made almost a breakthrough.

The self titled first album is very 80's not quite hairband rock.  The one track that made a hit was Call To The Heart.  Keyboard driven, go figure, sounds like an early version of the band Europe.  The rest of the tracks are fun but not earth shattering just 80's rock.  I enjoy the album and I am very happy I got a chance to add it to my ITunes cloud.

Let's be honest this album is more memory lane for me and brings back great times. Isn't that a great thing that music can do.

I will be digging out more albums and I will be reviewing them.  Will they be albums that should go in the Rock and Roll hall of fame?  Some of them but others will be like Giuffira.

James Woolverton

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