Sunday, January 11, 2015


Now for something new, sort of.  I listen to Octane on XM.  Octane is modern hard rock, 21st  Century bands.  I heard a great track on the station back in 2011.  It was "Lies of the Beautiful People" by Sixx AM.  Now as a child of the 80's I know of Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, but this sounded nothing like a Crue song.  I put it aside and felt it was a tribute from a new band or something.  Later the same year I heard the track "This is going to Hurt", it was great I started to look into the band.  From the DJ's on Octane and some Wiki searches it is a new band from Nikki Sixx. 

Now most performers from the bands of that era are on tours replaying songs they did (save Slash, blog on  that coming) 30 years ago.  Now I don't know if they are trying new songs or not.  This has been a debate in my group of friends on if they are still artists or just performers rehashing their old glory.  I know that sounds harsh but I wonder about it.  If you have any real feedback or ideas on that let me know, no hating FAN nonsense about how great they still are, real honest feedback and insights.

On to the album "This Is Going To Hurt" it is a great new hard rock album.  The first two tracks I talked about do stand out.  The rest of the album is on point for new hard rock and fresh.  Other than the fact I know what Sixx sounded like from the Crue I don't hear any of it on this album.  Reinvention for a songwriter that had amazing success in the 80's and 90's and still able to bring it all over again in the 21 Century. It is worth a listen and I have enjoyed the releases from the newest album they have released. 

I will be back to the truly old stuff next week, my albums were very well loved and need some help to get back to recording shape.  Till the next review, listen well; your ears deserve it.

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