Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reinvention 2 (electric bugaloo)

I will start this review off by writing something bordering on heresy. I am not a big Guns N Roses fan. Let me expand on that I can't stand Axl Rose. Now Slash, well that is something different.
Slash is still playing and still Awesome!  I loved Velvet Revolver but we ran into the same problems that Guns had, the jackass lead singer. So Slash went solo and had a great album with many guest lead singers one them being Myles Kennedy. Finally Slash found the right lead singer.
The partnership has spawned two albums the one I downloaded was World On Fire. The thing I love about Slash is that he can solo and also lay down some tastey rhythm riffs and this album is filled with them.  The title track starts off the album with a driving force that doesn't let up. The other track that has been recently released is Bent To Fly is solid.  What I love about this album is that there is no Filler tracks each one could be released.

28 years after G N R and he still kicks ass! That is why Slash will be in rock n roll hall of fame on his own. The album is a must listen for people who love good hard rock. 

Til the next time listen to the best your ears have earned it.

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