Thursday, April 23, 2015

Prince the best and the Worst

Hey another quick hit here.  In adding all of the Prince CDs I put into the Cloud The Gold Experience.  I wont go into the whole CD cause that has been done many times by many people, I just want to say this CD has the best and worst song Prince has ever put out.

Starting with the worst song, Dolphin.  Big sigh this song is terrible.  Dumb premise, asinine  lyrics and stupid.  The thought behind the song is that no one will listen to what the singer has to say and discounts his opinion, sure who hasn't felt that way before.  The problem is the solution to the way the singer feels is dumb, hey if I came back as a Dolphin you would listen to me.  I am overwhelmed with how silly and stupid this is.  I hate this because Prince, until this song, could do no wrong.  The filler tracks on his CDs were still genius, but this song would make a 10 year old girl think it was silly.

Enough of that, cause on the same CD is the best track he ever released and no one really knows of it.  Shy is musical gold, maybe that's why it is on this CD.  One of the best Bass lines I have ever heard and the guitar is the funkiest grove he has laid down since Alphabet St.  The song has a great story behind it and is another deep layer to the track.  The imagery to the lyrics is amazing.   I remember when I first heard it I was blown away.  I played it for the guys on our trip to Canton and out of respect for the track I made sure all were silent, I think at first they weren't happy with that until they heard what I heard.

Well another quick one, til next time be good to your ears they deserve it.

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