Thursday, April 9, 2015

The greatest Fake Metal Band

I remember watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and the show started with pounding power cords. The animation was terrific and I was a Fanatic. The show is  Metalocalypse and it is about the greatest Fake Metal band ever Dethklok.

I know there were one and a half earlier fake metal bands, and much love and respect to the Tap and Dethtongue but they ain't Dethklok

To support my argument that Dethklok is the greatest fake Metal band I give you three solid metal CDs. I will focus on The Dethalbum 1 for this blog but all three are Metal works of art.

The best thing about this CD is the harmony between the fact that the lyrics to the songs are supposed to be funny but the music is very serious. Take away the joke titles and funny lyrics and these tracks can be played right along any other metal, in fact on the next two CDs they have been played on Liquid Metal on XM.

All the tracks on the CD are stand out tracks enuff said. Okay if I had to pick out of perfection, I know I am laying it on thick, Birthday Dethday, Hatred Copter, Murdertrain A Comin, and Face Fisted are solid Metal!

The crazy part is the band for the most part is all Brandon Small. He plays all the instruments but drums and is the voice of Nathan Explosion.  I love listening to interviews and he explains on how he channels the characters when he plays. In fact when I saw Trans Siberian Orchestra I thought the guitarist are great but  Skwisgaar would smoke them.

Til next time. listen to the best, your ears deserve it. Dethklok rulz!

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