Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prince lost cd in the Chaos

Still adding to the cloud and going through the box of CDs I discovered, I got a bunch of Prince CDs.  Not only is the man a musical Genius but he is prolific.  Especially during the mid 90's when Warner Bros and as he was know then The Artist Formally Known As, were in a pissing contest over contracts.  Prince was getting out a CD a year.  The problem is that some of the CDs were lost in the rush to get it out and the fact that Prince didn't want to promote anything for Warner Bros.

Chaos and Disorder is one of the CDs in this rush.  Its a great CD for a throw away to fulfill his contract.  The whole feel of the CD is more rock and guitar work, which I love from Prince.  The title track is a story of a reporter lamenting on the state of the world and the depressing subjects he has to cover.  I Like it There and Zannalee is classic double meaning Prince naughty tracks.  I Rock Therefore I Am is a great mix of his rock and dance sounds with a Caribbean sounding rap in the middle of it.  Finally Prince almost sounds country with Right The Wrong, well as close as Prince is ever going to come to country.

I remember loving this CD and almost upset that it didn't get much play.  I mean I understand now but kind of wish it got more respect.  Of coarse when you have 34 Albums you know a few are going to get lost.

Til next time listen to the best your ears deserve it.

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