Sunday, April 26, 2015

Coming to the last of the Purple Ones overlooked Albums

The title is miss leading, with 30 plus albums there are many that are over looked, this is just the last I will do for a while.

I was in Michigan working at Interlochen when this cd came out in 94.  I remember buying it at the mall and I remember one of the students that I liked asked me to buy it for her.  The cd had the Parent Advisory Sticker on it.  It being my first year and being nervous I waffled over buying it for her.  She laughed at my inaction and bought it for herself and told me she was just messing with me.  I shouldn't have worried she was 17 blond and very cut,e no male clerk I know of wouldn't have let her buy it.  After listening the first track of the cd I decided this is the first cd that needed the warning sticker and I am happy I didn't buy the cd for the student.

Now Prince has been very open about sex and his enjoyment of it.  I like that about the Purple one, but the title track Come is an 11 minute opus about making sure a woman achieves orgasm and his skill about getting her there is pretty graphic.  Hey I think it is a great track but for adults only. 

The rest of the cd is great and Prince once again shows his mastery of many different styles of music.  The track Loose stands out as a great track. It is a mix of Techno, Rock and Dance solid tracks.  Papa is another standout with a blues feel that provides insight to Prince growing up with a powerful message. Dark is a classic Prince torch song, not a huge Tommy Barbarella fan I prefer Doc Z, but the keyboards on this track are great.  Solo has to be the original release Prince has ever done.  It starts of just his voice with lots of reverb, very haunting and moving track.

The only problem with this cd is it falls into his time of disagreement with Warner Bros.  There was no support and the next CD was rushed out to get him out of his contract.  This cd is added to the cloud but one I will keep physically also due to the fact it is out of print now.  It's another great rare gem that all Purple friends should listen to.

Till next time listen to the best your ears deserve it.

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